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Who are we?


Association of Latvian Professional Guides (LPGA), founded in 2002. Initiating founders were Juris Martinsons and Judīte Martinsone. In the beginning Rita pakalne and Solvita Jamonte invested a great deal of time and effort for a successful LPGA.


To unite professional tourist guides, promote mutual exchange of thoughts and experience.

We represent

LPGA represents the interests of its members in tourism-related Latvian organizations, as well as in the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG). Since 2018, we are its full member.

What do we offer?

The main focus of our activities is to improve professional education and qualification of LPGA members.
An important area for us is the promotion of the tourist guide profession and raising its prestige.
To achieve our goals, we organize monthly events dedicated to topical issues and events in the country. We organize excursions and experience exchange trips.

Our events

Event reference or procedure/evaluation.

Honorary members

Judīte Martinsone

Rita Pakalne

Biruta Vaivode

Iveta Sedleniece

Juris Martinsons

Anna Zeimule

Gita Vigule

Vita Rudzīte

Our Partners